About us

We are artisan cheese makers who support traditional farmhouse production following our wide family tradition. We are located in Alhama de Granada.

Currently we own a herd of 1400 native murciano-granadina breed goats whose milk is used to make our cheese.

We are located in a spot in Júrtiga characterised by its environmental values. It is an area where the Mediterranean mountains mix with the traditional agriculture. Here you can find “quejigo de Júrtiga”, a centenary tree widely acclaimed by both locals and tourists which is also included in the “singular trees in Granada” catalogue.

How are we different from other dairies?

Distinctive features of our products.

The diet of the herd

It is a characteristic of our company that not only do we make artisan cheese but we are also involved in the whole process, from growing cereal (essential part of our goats diet) to breeding and providing quality care for the herd, milking the goats and making artisan cheese. Hence, we are able to guarantee the good quality of our products and be aware of the good practice from the beginning until the end.

The environment

At the same time our goats have the privilege of grazing on a pasture near Jurtiga.

These environmental values add countless nutritional properties to the milk and dairy products that benefit the consumer´s health.

The goat cheese-making process.

We take great care of our animals´ well-being and their pasture every day

After all, their diet and their quality of life are essential for the flavour of our cheese.

The taste of the milk is not the same in every dairy. Our milk has an intense flavour because our goats can enjoy the pasture during the whole year in a wide area surrounded by holm oaks, Portuguese oaks and cork oaks.


Kindness, patience and dedication from the milk production to the cheese making process. That is what we use to make high quality artisan cheese. We will tell you step by step the complete process we follow in Júrtiga Dairy so that you can appreciate even better the hard work behind such a special flavour.