Our cheese

Handmade cheese made of goat milk

The process of making our artisan cheese, made in Júrtiga Dairy, is completely handmade.

Enjoy the result in every bite of our dairy products.

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Hard goat cheese

Hard goat cheese with a maturation process that lasts more than 60 days. It is a compact ivory-white cheese that has a hard rind. It has a smooth flavour and it is made of raw goat milk.

This hard cheese is the perfect accompaniment for nuts such as pistachios, walnuts or almonds.

Old goat cheese

This cheese is made of raw goat milk and its maturation process lasts 6 month minimum. It is a high quality cheese with great nutritional values.
It is a firm aged cheese that has a slightly spicy intense flavour and an intense aroma.

It is commonly said that “grapes with cheese taste like a kiss” and the reason is that grapes, apples, figs and strawberries pair well with any cheese and especially with our old cheese.

Queso Curado-min
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Goat cheese that is coated on the outside with herbs

This goat cheese has a creamy texture and a slightly sour but smooth taste that pairs well with herbs. Herbs such as thyme and rosemary make the cheese tastier and provide a more intense aroma.

If you like herbs you will enjoy this cheese, you can choose between thyme, rosemary, black pepper or paprika.

Goat cheese with extra virgin olive oil

When the cheese is impregnated with olive oil it acquires a very characteristic taste. Besides, the oil used is not refined oil but extra virgin olive oil so our cheese still has a high quality.

The flavour nuances you can find in the goat cheese with extra virgin olive oil are sour and intense

Queso Fresco 2-min Queso Fresco 1-min

Fresh cheese made of pasteurized goat milk

It doesn´t have a rind, it has a soft consistency, a smooth flavour and it is white.

It is easier to absorb nutrients and benefit from them eating fresh cheese rather than drinking milk thanks to the fermentation process.

Generally speaking, fresh cheese stands out because of its proteins of high biological value and calcium which is easy to assimilate, phosphorous, magnesium, many B vitamins (especially B2 also known as riboflavin, B12 and niacin) and fat-soluble vitamins A and D.

Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese is a nutritious dairy product. It has a delicate flavour and texture. It contains up to four times more protein than milk as well as five times more calcium.

At the same time it is the cheese with the smallest percentage of lipids on it. It contains half the fat of fresh cheese and six times less fat than hard cheese. Therefore, people with high triglycerides or high cholesterol can include this cheese in their diet.

Ricotta cheese can be eaten with some honey or jam for dessert or as a snack Ricotta cheese also provides vitamin A, which is essential for our growth and vision.